This year, James brought his new show Legal Alien across four different cities in NZ and Australia. Lookout for future dates in other cities.



In 2017, James Roque (roh-keh) realised he’d been pronouncing his own Filipino last name incorrectly for 17 years. So he adjusted it back, and since then has been on a journey of reclaiming his identity as an immigrant. Kind of like Eat. Pray. Love. but with less Julia Roberts and more of a culturally confused Filipino comedian.


Legal Alien tells the story of a first generation Filipino migrant who grew up (and is still growing up) in New Zealand. An immigrant who, after 18 years, feels accepted 90% of the time and the other 10% still feels like an outsider who’s being allowed to stay – a legal alien. Packed with anecdotes about trying to fit in, his relationship with his parents, and societal pressures, the show sees James unpack how all these things have shaped him to be the man he is today.